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Introducing WBC

Welcome to the club.

See The Walking Bicycle
ウォーキングバイシクル - ebisu

Frequently asked questions

Why a walking bicycle?
The Walking Bicycle is the best way to move sustainably and swiftly without the aches and pains from the compression caused by traditional biking. Our power settings allow for leisurely, easy going rides or high-intensity spins. Move with style and ease.
Do I need to be an experienced cyclist?
The Walking Bicycle can be appreciated by biking beginners as well as aficionados. The tri-wheel design makes it ideal for beginners who struggle with balance. All riding levels are welcome.
Where can I get one?
For purchase inquiries, please contact one of our stockists or reach out to customer information.

Walk with us and join the movement.

See The Walking Bicycle
ウォーキングバイシクル - ebisu


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Find your flow.

The Walking Bicycle upright cycling position offers numerous health and relaxation benefits. We hope each rider enjoys the unique and meditative experience.

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