A Guide to Los Angeles Beaches by Walking Bicycle

Coming to Los Angeles? Here are some tips we love about a place we love.

April 14, 2021

While not all of Los Angeles is what some might call ‘bike friendly’, the west side offers an entire coastline to be explored.

The Marvin Braude Bike Trail spans across the west side of Los Angeles, from the Pacific Palisades down past LAX all the way to Torrance. It’s a bike friendly sun filled escape where you can spend a day toes planted in the sand and or eating at shops along the Venice beach boardwalk.

We encourage all Los Angeles visitors to come ride along the ocean and sand via the Marvin Braude Bike Trail. It is the perfect spot to easily Rent a bike, or bring your own, and explore our favorite and most iconic bike path in Los Angeles. It is friendly to newcomers, where you can move at the speed you want and escape to the view you need. Marina Del Rey is where I learned to cherish sunsets, where I’ve spent countless nights turned to the glistening water.

Day or night the sights along the Marvin Braude bike trail stun. It is a spectacular location to enjoy when visiting Los Angeles and even more so by bicycle.

Sip a refreshing cold brew posted up against your ride along the Venice Beach Boardwalk [that one place on the sand].

Los Angeles and Venice Beach is known for it’s skate culture. Check out this iconic oceanfront skate park along the boardwalk – it’ll be hard to miss!

There are so many great spots along the Venice boardwalk, Santa Monica and the west side of Los Angeles as a whole.

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