5 Reasons Why I Ride a Walking Bicycle

How a standing bicycle helped me grow my mind and body's health.

April 14, 2021

For so many of us, our experience of the world is often limited to the amount we can see with our own eyes and with our feet planted firmly on the ground. We only take in when we stop to pause and so much of life passes us by. Stress and tension inevitably lead to disconnection and distraction from the things that make us most happy. 

I’ve felt this for so much of my life. Like sitting by the window of a high-speed train I watched as each interaction passed me, melding into the ones before. Suddenly, life hit a wall. I had to change, had to stop pushing so hard and working so much. Some invisible barrier telling me “no more, you can’t keep pushing on like this”. I had my priorities all wrong. 

It was time for a holistic cleansing of my soul, spirit and way of being. It was time to rewire my focus and pay attention to myself and the world around me. And no it didn’t just start with me buying a Walking Bicycle. It began suddenly but slowly. It was a moment of awakening that brought on continual sought after and practiced change. From just starting by cleaning my apartment and refrigerator to joining a weekly yoga class and attempting to meditate, this process took me over a year to simply become routine. 

It was the gratifying moment before sleep every night that kept me going, putting my head against my pillow knowing I had lived that day the way I wanted to. It wasn’t until year three of daily yoga and meditation that I purchased a Walking Bicycle. With that being said, I can honestly say it has changed things for me. Transformative and entertaining in the most positive way. It’s something to look forward to on the weekends and something that motivates you to stay healthy. 

So here are my top 5 reasons why I ride a Walking Bicycle.

It’s always a meditative and relaxing experience.
The Walking Bicycle is like nothing I’ve ever rode before. It combines bicycling, walking and meditation into the most tranquil form of mobility and exercise.

As a biker I have to say my joints have never felt better.
It extends and opens your hips unlike a conventional bicycle. My lower back feels great and on top of it all you are standing! No seat pain if you know what I mean.

It’s unique, very fun and still offers a great workout.
It’s a thrill to ride standing up. You really experience everything around you as you glide on by. It is cloudlike and it’s beautifully built and designed to top it all off.

I feel good about supporting sustainability and new modes of transportation.
I enjoy supporting a company that is trying to change the world for the better. Supporting sustainability and moving toward design that is based around making things last that rely on renewable and green energy.

It has helped me become mindful even when I’m not on it.
I can feel the effects of the Walking Bicycle even when I’m not on it. It helps me stay connected and in the moment. 

To summarize - I didn’t get a Walking Bicycle and suddenly feel perfect. It took work, not to say my life or how I feel is ‘perfect’, but in comparison to the grind before, it might be. I feel wonderful, connected, loved, and it all started with me and my own attitude toward life. The Walking Bicycle is a perk of life. Like a flower or a perfect sunny morning it helps me stay positive and enjoy all the grandness and subtleties of life. 

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